The Arche in Berlin-Wedding

Arche-Ambassador Bettina Kramer, Eva Herlitz, Jarmina Borchert, Jeanette Borchert, Bernd Siggelkow
On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the Arche Wedding, the children say THANK YOU


The Arche: For children whose parents have lost their sense of perspective due to unemployment or other problems, the Arche has become a “second family”, where they can have lunch, get support with their homework, spend their free time with meaningful activities and – most importantly! – find people who always listen to their small and bigger worries. If required, these people can also advise the entire family or provide concrete support. A value-based education – nowadays often neglected by families -  is part of the Arche programme. The children’s birthdays are celebrated and they learn that they are taken seriously – a feeling that is very important for their development.
The contribution of the Buddy Bear Help e.V. was a decisive step for the opening of a new Arche site in Berlin-Wedding in 2009. Since that time, the organisation has paid the rent for these Arche premises.

The Arche in Berlin-Wedding – how it all began ….