Berlin schoolchildren build a school in Angola in 2006

The first project with this objective in mind was carried out in cooperation with  UNICEF. The UNICEF project “Schools for Africa” revealed with each new brick that it was possible to witness how a school can grow through donations.

Thus, we asked Berlin school classes to “generate” the amount of €50 in a joint effort and to donate one brick for a new school building in Angola. The estimated budget for building the entire school was €10,000 (or 200 bricks). Over the Internet, the schoolchildren were able to follow how adding bricks furthered the progress of “their” school. Many school classes even funded several bricks. Some schoolchildren were so enthusiastic about raising the money that they generated one brick all by themselves with their UNICEF collecting tin.

The amounts collected by the children were transferred directly to UNICEF. Yet UNICEF was not entirely cooperative and did not send any further information or photos about the continuous real progress of “their school” to the schoolchildren as requested by us. Therefore we decided to initiate all future projects independently in order to provide the schoolchildren with a direct insight into local events in the respective country.